The Books Are Coming Home National Campaign of Book Donations
The Books Are Coming Home Project, launched in 2010 by Radio Romania, in collaboration with „Noi Citim” Foundation, is a book donation campaign whose main goal is to direct the collected books towards both the rural and school libraries in Romania as well as towards the Romanian communities from abroad. The book donation campaign organized during the main fairs of the READING Program gathered in the past 3 years over 55.000 volumes which were donated to several public and school libraries situated in areas covered by the national and regional stations of Radio Romania.

“Mircea Nedelciu” National Reading Contest
Mircea Nedelciu National Reading Contest, which bears the name of the Romanian writer Mircea Nedelciu, one of the founders of the Fair, is a competition of creativity and communication on literature subjects and aims at fostering the interest for reading among teenagers. The contest is addressed to high school students in the terminal grades and reunites yearly some of the most highly qualified and talented teenagers in the whole country. The contest aims at testing the participants' knowledge of Romanian and world literature, but also their creativity, the logic of argumentation and the personal approach of the bibliography.
The contest is formed of several stages, organized by the local radio stations of Radio Romania during the GAUDEAMUS Caravan in Craiova, Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Mamaia-Constanța and Bucharest. The winners of the zonal stages participate at the the national final stage of the reading contest which takes place each year at the international edition of the GAUDEAMUS IBEF in November.

A-Level Guests – Romanian Olympic Students is the newest project launched in 2011 under the GAUDEAMUS brand, aiming to reward the most deserving Romanian students who compelled recognition at international contests in various scientific fields.