On the occasion of the 22nd edition of GAUDEAMUS International Book and Education Fair, the “Curtea Domnească” National Museum Complex in Târgoviște organizes the exhibition School in Older Times illustrating several moments in the history of Romanian education. Visitors will have the chance to explore a 19th century classroom reconstruction, as well as old photographs of teachers and pupils, report cards, graduation certificates and school textbooks from the 19th and the 20th centuries.

We would also like to extend an invitation to the Story of Writing workshops that will be organized daily, within the fair. What were the first forms of writing? The history of writing from pictures to phonetics. What were the first writing supports? How did clay tablets, a pergament, a papyrus or handmade paper look like and how were they made? Who were the scribes? What about copyists? What was their role in society over time? We will answer all these questions during the “Story of Writing” workshops. Furthermore, you will get a chance to learn how difficult the work of scribes and copyists was by trying, first hand, to copy old texts on various supports (clay tablets, wooden tablets, paper), using the oldest writing instruments: cane sticks, goose quills, ancient pens.
Coordinator: Anghelescu Luminița

Having reached its 13th edition, the National Salon of Inventions and Scientific Creation for Youth is a portal to incredible worlds of imagination, built year after year by a few creative and ingenious young people, passionate about knowledge and innovation. Over 50 young people will present interesting inventions this year, thus bringing future a step closer. The three section of the Salon are:
1. Applied sciences (mechanics, electrics, optics, thermo-technics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, aeronautics, astronautics)
2. Information Technology- (the technology that associates information and the use of a computer, enabling us to generate, manipulate, communicate or distribute information)
3. Future Technologies - (robotics, graphic design, futuristic architecture).

Organized within GAUDEAMUS International Book Fair, IUDAICA – Salon of Jewish Books edited in Romania, 2nd edition, is the host of Romanian publishing houses that have issued remarkable titles authored by Jewish writers. The Salon is addressed to general public, professionals and journalists alike, aiming at making a contribution to a better knowledge of Jewish culture in Romania and in the whole world.

Radio Romania: Culture, Arts & Media
In the era of new technologies and confronted to the constant challenges coming from new media, the public radio has shaped for itself the unique profile of communicator and producer of cultural content. Since 2013, Radio Romania has been presenting its cultural products grouped under the Cultural Media Centre, a cultural, music, arts & media platform which brings forward an almost complete offer in the field: from radio programmes broadcast on Radio Romania Culture and Radio Romania Music to live music during the season at the Romanian Radio Hall, from GAUDEAMUS Book Fairs held in Bucharest and other several Romanian cities, to radio drama, from audio-books and CD releases made by the Romanian Radio Publishing House to national and international tours.
Radio Romania Cultural Media Centre is directly involved in the organization of the International Festival of Radio Orchestras – RadiRo, of GAUDEAMUS Book Fairs, the Grand Prix Nova International Radio Drama Festival, the tours Enescu’s Violin, the Travelling Piano, the Duel of Violins and the Magic Flute: hundreds of events which bring together hundreds of thousands of participants every year.
The exhibition Radio Romania: Culture, Arts & Media documents in images a story about ideas and projects turned to reality as a result of the dialogue between books, culture, music and radio: a mini photographic documentary about the magic of thinking and producing culture within and beyond broadcasting.

TEA&COFFEE Festival, the 7th edition, promotes coffee and tea consumption, by combining the rituals of their serving with visual and decorative arts. During its seven days, the festival brings in the spot light cultural and gastronomic moments from countries with a long tradition in cultivating and producing tea and coffee, as well as in preparing and presenting various beverages based on these products. During the final five days of the Tea&Coffee Festival (November 18 – 22), the Tea, Coffee, Delicacies and Accessories Exhibition will be organized at Romexpo, within GAUDEAMUS International Book and Education Fair. Visitors will find at the exhibitors stands a large assortment of tea & coffee, products and accessories used in preparing these beverages. Tea& Coffee Festival and its exhibition are targeted at both tea&coffee lovers, and professionals of the industry, whether they are producers or importers. During the Romexpo exhibition, visitors will be delighted to find delicacies from India, Japan, Turkey, Syria and can be initiated in the art of coffee and tea making. The barista specialists will present to the public the most ingenious coffee drawings.