Radio Romania is the initiator and organizer of GAUDEAMUS Book & Education Fair and of the READING Program which incorporates this emblematic cultural event of the Romanian editorial market.

Established in 1928 and formerly known as the National Radio-Phone Broadcasting Society, Radio Romania is one of the oldest radio stations in Europe, yet very well connected to the immediate reality through its editorial strategy and the content of its programs.

Prior to the 1st November 1928, when the first official broadcast of the national radio station was aired, there was a genuine pro-radio movement in Romania whose leading actor was Professor Dragomir Hurmuzescu, the first Chairman of the Board of Directors. The enthusiastic activity and work of such Romanian pioneers in radio broadcasting were materialized once the Romanian Broadcasting Corporation, as known to millions of Romanian listeners, was established.

During its 85 years of unceasing activity – with Radio Romania as genuine “voice” during all the noteworthy historical moments of the last century – the Romanian public radio broadcaster has asserted itself as one of the most reliable leaders as far as radio ratings and reliability are concerned, a standing that has been earned due to its constant involvement and concern in maintaining highly professional standards.

At present, Radio Romania broadcasts on three national stations: Radio România Actualități (Radio Romania News), Radio România Cultural (Radio Romania Culture) and Antena Satelor (Village Antenna). Radio Romania also broadcasts worldwide through Radio Romania International 1 (in Romanian) and Radio Romania International 2 (in 10 foreign languages) and locally through 12 local radio stations and 1 exclusively dedicated to classical music: Radio România Muzical (Radio Romania Music). The offer of Radio Romania is completed by Radio 3Net, the sole Romanian radio station with exclusive online broadcast, and by Radio Romania Chișinău, the newest radio station launched on November 1st 2011, which broadcasts on 70% of the Republic of Moldova's territory.

With a share of 30% of the national radio market and 4,8 million listeners everyday, Radio Romania is a national leader as far as audience ratings are concerned.

The most important international professional bodies and associations Radio Romania is affiliated to as an active member are: EBU – The European Broadcasting Union, U.R.T.I. - Université Radiophonique et Télévisuelle Internationale, I.P.I. - The International Press Institute and Co.Pe.A.M. - The Permanent Conference of the Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators.


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