Visitors who are professionally involved in activities which are compatible with the profile of the Fair are invited to register in the GAUDEAMUS professional visitors database.
::The domains of interest are: publishing, translation and multimedia products distribution, education and professional training for all levels, cultural projects, printing, mass media and other related fields of activity.
:: By registering in the GAUDEAMUS database, professional visitors will have an easy and rapid access to information concerning the events organized within the READING Program, to the facilities offered by visitors and to the possible ways of getting involved in some of the projects that we have initiated.
:: The registration in the GAUDEAMUS database (which doesn't stand for the registration for a certain event) can be made by filling in the following form which must be submitted by e-mail to, or to the GAUDEAMUS Contacts Exchange Office, which will be active on the period of the Fair, on level 3.20.
Registration Form

Registration Form .pdf



For further details please contact the GAUDEAMUS Secretariat: phone/fax: +40 21 319 05 22, +40 21 312 22 40, e-mail: