The GAUDEAMUS Caravan is part of the READING Program, a cultural - educational project initiated and organized by Radio Romania in the intent of supporting the written culture and the national book market.
The GAUDEAMUS Caravan started 6 years after the first edition of GAUDEAMUS International Book & Education Fair and consists in several local book fairs organized in Romanian cities which hold a strong university and cultural tradition. The GAUDEAMUS Caravan book fairs are organized in partnership with the territorial branches of Radio Romania.

:: Organized in the first half of each year, the GAUDEAMUS Caravan has grown in size and prestige each year, arriving in Cluj-Napoca (since 2000), Craiova (since 2002), Timișoara (since 2005), Constanța-Mamaia (since 2009), and in short-terms projects to Brașov (1 edition), Sibiu (3 editions) and Târgu-Mureș (3 editions).

:: Every book fair organized as part of GAUDEAMUS Caravan comprises some of the main components that form the specificity of GAUDEAMUS International Book & Education Fair, the most important element of the READING Program, by means of which Radio Romania has asserted the original voice of being the only public radio station in the world to organize large size book fairs. These components are:

  • the book and multimedia cultural and educational products exhibition;
  • GAUDEAMUS Awards and Press Awards granted according to the Public's Vote;
  • zonal stages of the “Mircea Nedelciu” National Reading Contest, addressed to high school students;
  • local stages of the “Books Are Coming Home” National Campaign of Book Donations. Books donated both by visitors and editors are donated to rural and school libraries situated in areas covered by Radio Romania's local stations;
  • the project A-Level Guests: the Romanian Olympic Students, the most recent component of the GAUDEAMUS Caravan (launched at GAUDEAMUS IBEF 2011), an initiative that aims at promoting and rewarding the Romanian students who received acknowledgements at international Olympiads in various disciplines;
  • Miss READING Contest.

:: By tradition, each book fair of the Caravan is organized under the patronage of a representative personality for the cultural life of the Region.

Calendar of the GAUDEAMUS Caravan 2015:

  • February 25th - March 1st, 2015: GAUDEAMUS Craiova, the 14th edition, hosted in the foyer of "Marin Sorescu" National Theatre
  • April April 22nd - 26th, 2015: GAUDEAMUS Cluj - Napoca, the 16th edition, Piața Unirii, located in a mobile exhibition pavilion
  • May 13th - 17th, 2015: GAUDEAMUS Oradea, the 2nd edition, 1 Decembrie Park, located in a mobile exhibition pavilion
  • August 13th - 17th, 2015: GAUDEAMUS Seaside, the 7th edition, located in a mobile exhibition pavilion

GAUDEAMUS Caravan 2014 - in numbers

  • 222 exhibitors (Romanian and foreign publishing houses, book distribution agencies, cultural and educational institutions, multimedia companies etc.)
  • over 59,000 visitors
  • almost 100 accompanying cultural events
  • over 3,500 volumes donated by visitors and exhibitors within the campaign Books Are Coming Home