The accreditation of journalists for the 20th edition of GAUDEAMUS International Book & Education Fair (November 20th - 24th, 2013) can be made as follows:

:: an official representative of the media institution willing to be accredited can submit to the Fair Secretariat an Accreditation Request which must include the following compulsory information:
- the name and contact details of the institution (address, phone/fax, e-mail)
- the names of the representatives of the institution for whom the accreditation is requested
- the positions these representatives hold in the institution and their editorial specialization (if relevant)
- the contact details of the journalists that require accreditation (mobile phone, if possible, e-mail)
Journalists accredited in this manner will directly receive invitations to the most important events related to this edition of the Fair as well as the available information before the press conference that precedes the event.

:: The accreditation can also be made by participating to the press conference that announces the beginning of the Fair and by filling in the press accreditation form;

:: Journalists can also register in the accredited journalists database during the Fair, at the Press Office which will be opened inside the exhibition area.

 press accreditation form .pdf