October 30 – November 6, 1994 - the first edition of GAUDEAMUS International Book & Education Fair, initiated by Radio Romania and hosted by the “Mihail Jora” Radio Auditorium Foyer. Co-organizers: All Publishing House and Euromedia Company, whose president at that time was Mircea Nedelciu. The event, initiated in a period of breaking new ground on the Romanian book market, also marked an international premiere: the involvement of a public mass-media institution in supporting the national book market. The first Honorary President of GAUDEAMUS International Book & Education Fair was the writer Mircea Sântimbreanu;

November 1996 – at the 3rd edition of the Fair was launched the program Major Editorial Projects whose main objective consisted in finding financial resources to support cultural projects of national relevance suggested by exhibitors. The program will be later on extended, in the intention to promote the Romanian literature abroad;

November 1997 – for the first time in Romania, a book fair offered awards to the publishers – the GAUDEAMUS Trophies, granted according to the Public's Vote – as well as to the media: the Press Awards, on the following sections: written media, radio, TV and online;

November 25 - 29, 1998 – the 5th edition of GAUDEAMUS Book Fair took place in the Pavilion B of the Romexpo Exhibition Centre. The change of location was imperative as the “Mihail Jora” Radio Auditorium Foyer became too small for both exhibitors and visitors. This edition also inaugurated the first specialized section of the Fair, the Salon of Educational and Professional Offer;

November 10 -14, 1999 – GAUDEAMUS Book & Education Fair took place in the Central Pavilion of Romexpo Exhibition Centre, the largest exhibition area in Romania. The new exhibiting area allowed hosting the GAUDEAMUS Art Fair, an art exhibition which brought together works authored by several young Romanian artists. Beginning with this edition the Press Awards will include a special award dedicated to press agencies;

November 22 – 26, 2000 – at the 7th edition of the Fair took place the most important cultural event in Romania: Gianni Vattimo, the famous Italian philosopher, came to Romania as guest of honor at GAUDEAMS Book & Education Fair. Two new awards have been granted: the Education Award, dedicated to an educational institution and the The Excellence Award, granted to an editorial project focused on promoting the Romanian literature abroad;

November 28 – December 2, 2001 – an extremely important step in the evolution of GAUDEAMUS to its actual profile of international book & education fair:

  • the Fair hosted the International Seminar The Gutenberg Galaxy at the Beginning of the 3rd Millennium, addressed to professionals in the editorial and educational fields. The event gathered Romanian and foreign publishers (from Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Albania, Ukraine, Moldova and Israel), directors of foreign book fairs;
  • since 2001 GAUDEAMUS International Book & Education Fair has been included in the calendar of international book fairs issued by the organizers of Frankfurt Book & Education Fair;
  • starting 2001 the event will be also broadcasted live on Internet and became thus available to visitors from outside the country – a premiere for Romanian exhibition events;
  • after six years of absence, the National Salon of Invention and Creation for Youth has been relaunched within GAUDEAMUS Book & Education Fair;

November 27 – December 1, 2002 – GAUDEAMUS International Book & Education Fair hosted for the first time the National Salon of the Media, the 3rd edition, organized by the Romanian Press Association;

November 26 – 30, 2003 – the inauguration of the GAUDEAMUS Trophies based on the Vote of the Press;

November 17 – 21, 2004 – took place the first edition of the “Ion Creangă” Salon of Books for Children (which will become in the forthcoming years one of the most dynamic sections of the Fair) and of the “Mircea Nedelciu” National Reading Contest;

November 23 – 27, 2005 – the Honorary President of the 13th edition of GAUDEAMUS International Book & Education Fair was Jonathan Scheele, the Chief of the  European Commission Delegation in Bucharest;

November 22 – 26, 2006 – GAUDEAMUS IBEF concluded the Francophonie Year in Romania. The Honorary President of the Fair was H. E. Hervé Bolot, the Ambassador of France to Romania;

November 21-25, 2007 – GAUDEAMUS International Book & Education Fair hosted the Anniversary Exhibition dedicated to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, organized for the first time in Europe, with the support of the Columbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of the Romanian Embassy in Bogotá and of the Columbian Embassy in Warsaw. The event celebrated the anniversary of 80 years since the birth of the famous Columbian writer, 40 years since the publication of 100 Years of Solitude, and of 25 years since receiving the Nobel Prize in Literature;

November 19-23, 2008 – the anniversary of 80 years since the first broadcast of Radio Romania and of 15 years since the first edition of GAUDEAMUS IBEF. The Fair hosted the seminar Multilingualism and the European Year of Inter-cultural Dialogue. The seminar was scheduled on the European Commission's calendar of events dedicated to the promotion of the dialogue between cultures;

November 25 -29, 2009 – GAUDEAMUS IBEF was included by the European Commission in the calendar of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation. In this occasion the Fair hosted the seminar The Literary Translation – Between Creativity and Innovation. In the same year Herta Müller received the Nobel Prize for Literature and GAUDEAMUS IBEF, in partnership with Deutsche Welle, organized a round table to honor the Romanian-born German novelist;

November 18 -22, 2010 – Belgium Wallonie – Bruxelles was the Country Guest of Honor of the 17th edition of GAUDEAMUS IBEF and the honorary president was Jacques Dubois, a writer, literary critic and university scholar, the most reputed specialist in the work of Georges Simenon;

November 23 – 27, 2011 – Italy, Country Guest of Honor,  participation highly appreciated by the media, the public and the book professionals. Valerio Massimo Manfredi, Luciano de Crescenzo, Stefano Zecchi, Luca Maroni, Giorgio Montefoschi and Sergio Valzania are some of the most representative Italian personalities who attended the 18th edition of the Fair;

November 23 – 27, 2012 – Country Guest of Honor: the Republic of Moldova. Inauguration of the International Centre for Literary Agencies, intended to become a permanent section of the Fair. At its first edition, the Centre hosted 15 literary agencies from USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Romania.

2013: GAUDEAMUS celebrated its 20th edition; the Guest of Honour of the edition was the Group of Nordic Countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden; during the five days, the fair welcomed 115,000 visitors. The Privileged Partner of the edition was GADIF (Group of Embassies, Delegations and Francophone Institutions in Romania) marking the anniversary of 20 years since Romania's joining the International Organization of Francophony

2014: GAUDEAMUS 21 in numbers: 320 exhibitors, 117,000 visitors, 750 accompanying events: book launchings and signing sessions, debates, presentations, over 2,500 books donated by visitors and exhibitors for public libraries; Guest of Honour: the Russian Federation; Privileged Partner: GADIF (Group of Francophone Embassies, Delegations and Institutions in Romania)